Friday, November 13, 2009

One day again~~~

aha~~ one day again~~ hehe~~ after finished work still go back home take bath~~ later need attend class tonite~~ already 2 week don't have class liao this time must prepare a class for my student~~ haha~~ But really feel lazy and tired~~ hehe~~ :P

tomorrow go bandar??? yup. tomorrow i go bandar for SUSHI!!!! haahha!! also meet my friend, pat, joan and daniel~~ miss u all~~ can't wait see u 3 liao~~ haha~~ hope my baby don't naughty tommorrow~~ haha~ and also NEED remind driver tommorrow drive carefully cause i'm pregnant woman~~ hahaha~~ MORE big POWER~~ hehe~~

sunday need attend one friend wedding dinner~~ but i don't have new baju~~ how??? i think i cincai wear some lah~~ hahaha~~ nobody see me that night~~ hehe~~ but i wish other people don't look me like AUNTY~~~ haha~ :P

ok lah~~ need stop liao~~ see u all tommorow~~ LOVE u~~

Have a nice day~~ :P

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One day~~~

Wu~~~ finished one day working then back home and do some "housework" (actually just sweep my room~~ hehe~~ MUST be a good daughter in law bah). My room so dirty. Super duper dirty. Many dust. Shit. i need to sweep floor and clean my table.

Finished dinner~~ i ate 2 plate rice...... (everyday like that) OMG!!! i think my body will be a very BIG square~~ haha~~ pregant woman always like that bah~~~ haha~~ eat many and sleep many~~ hehe~~

i swear i have many thing need to write when i take my bath~~ But when start my blog, my brain really blank all~~ sienz...

ok lah~~ will continue it tommorrow~~ see you all~ love you~~ muakz

have a nice day~~ :P

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hi everyone~~~

Long time didn't update my blog~~ almost one year like that!!! hahaha!! My friend always ask me update my blog but i really lazy to write~~ hahaha~~ And also my laptop rosak before then make me no mood to write anything~~ haha~~

Ok lah!! just drop some words here~~ then me continue tommorow~~ hehe~~

Have a nice day~~


Saturday, August 16, 2008

new Baby!!

A new baby born on 10th august 2008 - morning. (i think lah because forget liao, hehe) A new boy baby.. still dunno his name.. let's show his pic.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Birthday!!!

aha!! Thanks all my frienz.. really love u all so much.. u all message make me so sweet N 感动叻!!! Thanks.. Muakzz.. Today i'm still working even though birthday.. Sien.. actually i want celebate my birthday with my frienz.. many year i didn't organize a birthday party already.. After finish work.. me N my dear go KAZHEN Sushi have dinner.. hehe.... nice o...

See... Hmmm.. Really delicious.. Tis Sushi Shop Juz open tis year.. Only two or three month... de thing also cheap.. many place also.. hee.. cause i also go Excape Sushi no more seat.. Sien..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday Loh~~

OMG~~~ Still have two and half hours is my birthday loh~~~ Sing~~ Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday To Shirley, Happy Birthday to me.... hehe... Tommorow is my 23 Years Old Birthday.. 现在我的心情是紧张又兴奋... :p Just now me n my dear go Mum Bakery buy my birthday cake.. Wah, i bring B$ 100 then back home only have B$ 1.. shit.. how come like tat... :P

Tis Cake B$ 2.55... Name - Forget already.. hehe.. but i think is very delicious lah.. u can try tis one next time o.. very cheap not expensive.. haha... i think is chocolate one lah.. cause the name have chocolate.. :p